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Personalised Diet Plan

Diet Meal Plan - (2,400/2,500 Kcal)

Diet Meal Plan - (2,400/2,500 Kcal)


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Benefits of this Diet Meal Plan:

  • Details of calorie and protein content per meal

  • Extreme body fat loss

  • Consistent Fat loss

  • Increased lean muscle mass definition

  • Hormonal balance

  • Decreased stress levels

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This isn’t like a diet you just pick up and give it a go, you’re going to have to make certain sacrifices if you want to do well. You are going to have to make sacrifices and put in a lot of preparation if you really want to be successful. 

You need to also talk to those that you spend a lot of time with to explain what you’re about to embark on, you’ll need their support. There’s nothing worse than toxic friends who try to sabotage your goals, explain how important this is to you and that you really want their support. I don’t want this to put you off but one of the biggest problems people face is trying to fit a new healthy fat loss lifestyle in to an old unhealthy junk food social life. Trust me, with friends around that support you, you’ll find this so much easier and you’ll get twice the results.

Fat loss isn’t about following the same programme day in day out, you have to assess and tweak where necessary as you go along. I don’t mean changing the whole programme, I just mean you may have to change quantities or ratios of certain foods at certain times.

This is the start, where you follow my strict fat loss plan for 3 weeks.