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Everybody Looks Awful! So what?!

It is incredible how many people (females and males alike) dislike and avoid some exercises or even working out because when they see themselves in the mirror the first thing that comes into their mind is: "Oh my god! I look awful."

Well, guess what? Everybody looks and thinks the same way you do (myself included)! If you do not look as great as you want it is because that is the way is meant to be, as you are working with your body and putting it under controlled stress with exercise.

Do not let fitness magazines, ads or social media deceive you with sexy pictures.  Instead, get the most out of your workout get some good headphones, let the music clear your mind and focus on what you are doing!! Do not let anyone or anything distract you (you are doing just fine). No-one is watching you, they are not even there. It just YOU, YOURSELF and the IRON!!
If you are still skeptical have a look at Hugh Jackman working out, you probably won’t recognise him.  As I said everyone looks awful.  ;)