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London Personal Training Testimonials

A small selection of some of my clients

don featherstone

"Samuel has helped me focus on training, nutrition, life style and motivation.  I have never been fitter, my energy is up and I have a positive state of mind.  He understands the demands of busy professionals and effectively balances discipline with positive encouragement."

Jonathan Horn

"I really enjoy working with Samuel.  He is good at understanding the individual and identifying what can motivate them.  His flexible and knowledgeable approach has helped me significantly improvement my fitness and actually enjoy my gym work."


“For someone like me, an older guy who had not been in the gym for a number of years, Samuel was a godsend. He eased me back in gently, focusing initially on increased flexibility with assisted stretching and then upon improving my body toning with a varied free weight programme.”


Samuel has really impressed me with his focused and knowledgeable support to help me achieve my goal to be fit and toned within a two month period for a holiday.  His nutritional and training plans gave me excellent results and I have learnt a huge amount from him as well as feeling fitter and having more energy than I could ever of hoped for.   Samuel really believes in what he advises you and you can totally trust he knows how to help you and keep you motivated.

Jana Klimova

"Samuel has managed to transform my perception of working out being heavily focused on cardio and introduced me to the free weights area. Not only do I enjoy training more than ever, I push myself to the limit and of course am loving seeing the results!  Samuel motivates me to do better, he also inspires me to reach new goals. ”




"As someone who had limited experience using a gym, I have been very impressed with the service and dedication he has provided me with. Samuel has designed a number of personalised training programmes and has supported me in meeting achievable nutrition targets."


"I have had a few personal trainers in the past and Sam has been by far the best. 
Thoughtful and great at tailoring exercise to match your body shape and needs. No wonder I have been training with Sam for over a year now!"

Don’t just be motivated, do something about it!
— Samuel Figeroa