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5 Questions to ask a personal trainer before you start

Personal Trainer London Samuel Figueroa

When it comes to fitness and health getting results is not an easy thing. It is not as simple as move more and eat less, especially if you are after specific results like fat loss, muscles mass or more performance focus results. 

Consulting a Fitness professional could not only give you the upper hand but could also save you months and years in getting the results you desire.


Now, how to chose the right Personal trainer for you? 


If you are asking yourself why do you have to be picky since you don’t know much about it, the answer is simple: You will be training with your Personal Trainer on a weekly basis, you will be sharing personal information with him, you will get to know each other f fin few months down the line you will not see any return of investment (results) is going to be tough to make a switch. you do not want to find yourself in that situation.


So, how to pick the right one? Well, first of all you will have to ask some questions before you sign up for training. Do not be afraid of asking questions, if he\she is experience and knows what is doing chances are He\She has answered these questions tons of times already.


Here are the 5 questions you have to ask your personal trainer before you sign up.


1-Have you trained someone like me before?

As simply as it might sound this is a good question to understand the level of experience of your personal trainer, specially if you had an injury, have a preexisting health condition or simply to see if he\she has dealt someone your sex, age and fitness levels.


2-Have you delivered the results I am after before?

Crucial question. The more results and referrals the trainers can came up with, the better chances you will have to see what you want. you wouldn’t buy your wedding cake from someone that has never made one, right?


3-Do you provide all the exercises I need in case I have to train on my own? If so will you give me a programme to follow?

A Very important question for any busy professional, specially if you travel a lot

It is time for you to understand if your personal trainer will be supportive in the moments you will need it the most (when you will be on your own).


4-Are we going to discuss nutrition? if so, how are you going to help me with mine?

Hot topic when it come to see the results you desired. Here you will find out how knowledgeable the personal trainer is and how helpful he\she can be. Be aware, if your personal trainer doesn’t help you understand what you are eating you are being sold just workouts, a nice sweat, but just a sweat. 

You will find yourself playing a guessing game, trying to hit a moving target. Not ideal if you are trying to lose weight, tone up or build a better physic.


5-Do you specialise in any training style? 

Time for you to know more about the trainer past and personality. Since every personal trainer has different fitness background, their skills will be unique and specific. Make sure you pick the one that has relevant skills for your goals.


This is it. If yours this five questions, use common sense and most of all trust your gut, you can’t go wrong.

As I said there are probably hundreds of personal trainers around you, some good, some average, some great, like in any other profession. Make sure you pick the right for you as it will save you years with trial and error and lots of money can be saved too.