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Do You Stretch?

Personal Trainer London Samuel Figueroa

We all are guilty of neglecting stretching. The reason is very simple - due to the lack of time, we tend to optimise our time in the gym doing weight training or cardio. After all stretching has gotten nobody leaner nor bigger. It simply does not change our body composition.

Since everybody has a clear understanding of what stretching does not do, I will tell you what it actually does:

  • Speed Up Recovery Time between training sessions

Stretching speeds up the recovery process by not only lining up the twisted muscle tissue but also by boosting the blood flow (which increases cells nourishment, eradication of byproducts of cell metabolism etc)!

  • Pain Relief and Posture Improvement

Relief from pain and discomfort: Frequent stretching (mainly performed on lower back, quadriceps, hips and hamstrings) de-stresses the tightened muscles, thus improving alignment and body posture and ultimately leading to pain alleviation and increased comfort during your daily activities.

  • Injury Prevention

Regularly stretching your muscles to the full length will soften the impact on your body caused by the load, improving your training technique in exercises such as squats, bent over row, deadlifts and many others. Therefore, resulting in fewer injuries caused by poor training technique.

  • Better Training Results

Be it fat loss or muscle gain, You will perform better when training as each muscle in your body will be looser and in the right position to execute each task.


Samuel Figueroa