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Personal Trainer London SE1 Samuel Figueroa

The London Bridge area is more than a commute hub. Apart from hosting more than 100,000 residents, great restaurants, museums and theatres, it also accommodates the offices of major professional services firms. 

In such a hot spot of the city, SF Personal Trainer aims to satisfy the demands of active Londoners who strive to get the best out of their health and fitness.

SF Personal Trainer London truly understands the demands of busy professionals and can effectively provide achievable solutions to match clients' goals. From long working hours, to high levels of stress, from irregular nutrition habits to bad quality of sleep. There is always something you can gradually improve. 

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Some of the services that make SF Personal Trainer London stand out of from the competition include:

- Long-term Weight loss

Starving is not the answer. There is no such thing as a quick fix if you are trying to change your body for good. It is not about how many kgs you lose as quickly as possible but what you can sustain long-term to stay fit forever. 

- Nutrition insights on the latest fad diets

People make the same mistake every year. Stop falling for fad diets and understand the nutrition that works for you (fits your likes\dislikes). If you see at a diet and can tell that you won’t be able to stick to it long-term (several months), don’t even start it. Start with what is achievable.

- Flexible Training Time

As SF is Located in the London Bridge area you can book and schedule your training at any time. If you are a busy professional with a very difficult schedule, you can book your training session on the same day with 1hour's notice.

- Home Personal Trainer

Training at client location is available. If you are a resident of the London Bridge area (SE1) and have a gym in your building or simply want to train at your place, it is also available to you.

- Muscle Growth

If your goal is to put on mass and build a symmetrical and balanced physique, you are in the right place. No burpees, no hopping around, no funny exercises, no loading the bar hoping for the best. Bodybuilding is my specialty - weights, tension and nutrition will be the first and last words in your vocabulary. Time for you to embrace them.

- Boxing Training

Weight training and weight loss is not your goal? Are you looking to get fitter and distress? No problem, you can do so with boxing training. Keep in mind that you won't be learning cool moves that are not practical in the real world but true fighting techniques that may save your life one day. Life is no movie. 

- Football Conditioning

If you're also a fan and would like to take your game to the next level, amateurs or professionals are welcome to start on a very specific training that will make you a better player. Mentally and physically.

No matter the goal whether you live or work around London Bridge, you have no more excuses. Time to take control. Time to work on yourself.

Contact me to find out more about what you can do.