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Personal Training London: Full home workout

I am a personal trainer based in London Bridge. Surprisingly, most of the questions I am asked about training and nutrition come from non-gym-goers.

They often ask: "What can I do on my own at home to get fit enough, ready and confident to join a gym?"

Well, I personally think that anybody should be able to join a gym regardless of their fitness level. Especially in London as most clubs have staff and trainers that can help you build your fitness step by step.

If you prefer to start at your on pace at home, take a look at the following training that I have designed just for you.

Here is a full body workout for beginners. Easy exercises with progression and regression to fit your specific level of fitness.

This includes a very clear demonstration of muscles being targeted and trained. It is incredibly beneficial to understand how your body moves and functions in order to execute exercises safely and at their best.

Try this full body workout at home or in the park. It's a great variation of the usual gym routine when the sun is out.

Equipment needed:

- Resistance band

- Yoga mat

If you are a beginner and haven't done any kind of training in more than 4 years, I would recommend to start doing 1 set of 10 reps of each exercise and move on to the next one. Rest for 30 secs between each exercise.

Beginners that are more confident can follow the workout as demonstrated in the video.

Have fun!