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How good are protein bars?

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"How good are protein bars?"

One of the most asked questions I get from people, gym members and non.
Now, just because a snack says protein on the front label it doesn't make it any better than others. When looking at food we can't just limit to consider one factor alone.

We should learn to look at food seeing the bigger picture. We shouldn't just have as criteria the protein content of food, but also its calorie content, macronutrient content and ratio between Protein, carbs, and fat.

As for the protein bars, well, when compared to any other kind of chocolate bar the difference in nutrient content is very little. Same amount of calories (Kcal250), same amount of fat (12g), little difference in carbs content (21g in protein bars and 33 in Snickers). The only significant difference is in the protein content. Protein bars has way more (21g versus 4g).

If you are going to the gym or training trying to lose weight, protein bars might not be as healthy and in line with your goal as you think. Also, if you are woman, chances are you might not even need to increase your protein intake from supplementation as you might be getting plenty enough from your nutrition.

If you once in a while you still want to have your chocolate bar to satisfy a craving, I would recommend you go for the bar the you actually desire rather than compromise for the protein bars as they are pretty much the same. Protein bars has has little to no benefit in your nutrition if adding muscles and calories is not your goal.

Next time you consider having one protein bar after your training, just think, would you have a pack of Sneakers?