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Do you know what really matters in your training?

Personal Trainer London Samuel Figueroa

Everyday clients and gym members ask me many questions regarding training.  Regarding topics or curiosities they read on magazines, videos they watched on youtube or something they heard from a colleague.

I have to say most of the time they end up overcomplicating and overthinking what really matters in their training. Here is the list to help you and save you time differentiating what matters from what doesn’t.

What really matters:


People underestimate the role of nutrition when it comes to training. When you train for a goal (weight loss or build muscle) is the nutrition that will dictate the outcome of your training programme. 

There are a lot of people following the same programme as their training partners, but if their outcome is different due to their unique nutrition not genetic.


The ability to connect your mind to the muscles you are contracting to keep them activated through their whole range of motion. This is key to add intensity to your training and allow you to get quicker results. It’s an ability that you can learn with practise. Take the time to study your own body learn. Learn which muscles are being used in each movement and try to feel its contraction and stretch in each set. 


Each training programme is being designed to enhance a specific aspect of your fitness. even if Most of them will help you progress in more than one (coordination, strength, muscle mass, speed..) but I would advise you to follow a programme which the main outcome is your fitness goal.

If you want to improve your muscle tone and definition, a strength programme (low repetitions, long rest, focus on your 5rep max) might not be the best option.


Getting the first right (Nutrition, muscle awareness, programme) are very important but not you won’t get results unless you are consistent.  Don’t be upset if you can’t get most days right. Aim to get most of the week on the right track.


These are the things that really matter in your training. Others details can add something to your mood or training intensity but before we talk about them, make sure you get these right.


Samuel Figueroa