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There is a huge trend online regarding fitness. You might have noticed too that social media (facebook, youtube, instagram) is full of people that claim to be a coach or a trainer. It seems that it is now a status to be one.

The reality is that most of these people are not REAL TRAINERS. Most of the time they have a non fitness profession but they managed to build muscles on their own (men) body or lose weight after pregnancy(women). Don't get me wrong, I am happy to see people sharing their own experience and fitness results as they can be very inspirational for others like them, but they cross a line when they start charging other people for a service they can't provide.

If you are someone that is trying to get results be inspire by many but make sure your coach is a real coach:
-Qualified to train others
-covered by insurance to train others
-Work in the fitness industry full time
-deal on daily basis with real clients with real issues and unique goals
-tracked results with clients (not just on his\her own body)

Each fitness journey is unique and has its own difficulties. Make sure you follow the guidance of a REAL TRAINER.

Samuel Figueroa