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Oval | Personal Trainer and Boxing Coach

Samuel is a London based personal trainer and boxing coach who can train in comfort of your home in Oval!

Oval Personal Trainer

If you are looking for a personal trainer or boxing coach in the Oval area, look no further! Samuel who runs SF Personal Trainer can travel to you, as he understands the demands of busy professionals in London.  Samuel commits to delivering clients results and teaching them how to maintain them.  He ensures highest standards of fitness services and client satisfaction.

Samuel is based in South East London and can travel to Oval to train with you in for comfort in your own home or outdoors. Samuel works with clients on their bespoke training programmers, by understanding his clients desires and combining it with his years of knowledge and experience.

Why Have a Personal Trainer?

1) Build muscle

If you are wanting to to bulk up, and put on muscle size, size and strength fast? Are you traditionally a “hard-gainer”? Have your results hit a plateau? Samuel can help you.

2) Lose fat and get lean

Achieving a lean, toned body is hard work - you need to torch fat while you maintain what muscle you have. That’s why having Samuel as your personal trainer to advise and motivate you through your individual training and nutrition plan is key to succeeding.

3) Improve your overall fitness

Have you just come back from injury or maybe you feel your just not getting anywhere? Samuel can set you on the road to recovery. Why not have a consultation and talk through what you need with him.

Samuel also offers a range of other services outside of personal training, like boxing coaching, diet plans, competition preparation, training programmes for muscle mass and online training. Please read his testimonials to see for yourself.

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