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If you are looking for a boxing coach in London, look no further. Samuel at SF Personal Trainer London can help you with your boxing! Get in touch today!

Boxing Training

Boxing training and workouts are rather intense and can last as long as an hour. However, rest is very important, but you need to be able to perform under pressure. But don't worry, Samuel can build up your training so anybody of any level can start to help you along your boxing journey. Each session will comprise of a warm-up, conditioning, sparring and drills. 

The boxing stance is crucial to your success in boxing training and workouts as this sets you up to both throw and dodge punches, and puts you in the best position to take a punch should your opponent land one. Samuel makes sure that all his boxing clients have a good foundation and all the boxing basics before moving to more technical movements. 

If you’re new to this kind of intensity, Samuel will work with you to build up your strength and stammerer. Making sure the body is not over trained or that you pick up bad habits when you do your boxing training and workouts!

If this sounds a bit intense for you, why not try some slow sparring as this is great over overall boxing training. It covers:

  • Makes sparring fun for beginners

  • Gives you faster reaction times

  • Develops a higher variety of better counters

  • Allows sparring partners to grow quickly and build confidence with Samuel

  • Helps you develop and adapt different boxing styles

  • Allows you to spar intelligently for longer periods and build up for fitness

  • Makes you more a more creative fighter (“talent”)

Samuel also offers a range of other services outside of personal training, like boxing coaching, diet plans, competition preparation, training programmes for muscle mass and online training. He can meet you for a consultation in London to understand your goals and aspirations. 

"As someone who had limited experience using a gym, I have been very impressed with the service and dedication he has provided me with. Samuel has designed a number of personalised training programmes and has supported me in meeting achievable nutrition targets."


Please get in touch today if you want to inquire about boxing or be social and follow me on social media.


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