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If you are looking to tighten up your nutrition, look no further. Samuel at SF Personal Trainer London can help you with your diet! Get in touch today!


The world of nutrition ifs filled with buzz words like, protein diet, 5:2 diet, vegan protein, egg whites, muscle building foods and many more just to name a few.

There is a reason why nutrition is king of the fitness world and why it has so many fads and buzz words! Because a good diet counts to 70% of a good healthy lifestyle! Yes 70%! Think of it like this, if you put rubbish petrol into your car, how can you expect it to perform. Your body is no different! You need to make sure you are eating a well-balanced healthy diet, in order to see the results!

However, outside of just having a great diet plan for your training, research shows that nutrition and bone, muscle and joint health are closely related. A healthy well balanced, diet can help you prevent related musculo-skeletal disorders and manage osteoporosis, by assisting in the production and maintenance of bone. So, if you're not getting the right nutrients in your diet, not only will you not perform in the gym but it can have longer term effects to your health  and put you a greater risk for bone, muscle and joint disease.

If you are to sign up for any personal training, boxing or weight loss training sessions with Samuel. He will make sure he looks at your diet, to make sure that you have a good balance of micro and macro nutrients, depending on what your fitness goals are. Samuel can also make tailored diet plans, so get in touch today to start eating your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Samuel has really impressed me with his focused and knowledgeable support to help me achieve my goal to be fit and toned within a two month period for a holiday.  His nutritional and training plans gave me excellent results and I have learnt a huge amount from him as well as feeling fitter and having more energy than I could ever of hoped for.   Samuel really believes in what he advises you and you can totally trust he knows how to help you and keep you motivated.


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