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Weight Loss | London Personal Trainer & Boxing Coach

If you are interested in weight loss in London, look no further. Samuel at SF Personal Trainer London can help you with your fitness goals. Get in touch today!

Weight Loss

It’s very common to feel like you’re not losing weight fast enough, despite faithfully sticking to your diet. If you're ready to get serious about fat loss you are on the right track by researching. Samuel is a qualified persona trainer who can help you start to shift your weight with his bespoke plans and diet tips.

Like everything in life, you have to start somewhere, and Samuel will sit down with you to understand your fitness aspirations. He will take some basic measurements and understand your current lifestyle. Once he has gather all this data and spoken to you about any medical conditions or limitations. We will build out a bespoke weight loss plan. This will consist of some cardio, light training and diet advice. To keep sticking to the programme, it is recommended to have some personal training session with Samuel over a series of weeks. To help you get into a new habit and way of thinking.

Weight loss and the glossing weight is a long process. Samuel aims to build up a good foundation in your physical and mindfulness areas. His mentoring which goes hand in hand with his passion will help any body looking to loose weight be able to do so in a progressive manner. It is not going to be easy, if it was easy, everybody would be doing it. But he will be there, every step of the way, to assist you and guide you to your goal.

Building lean muscle mass will speed up your metabolic rate and promote fat burn - so get strength training. Compound exercises that use bigger muscle groups will be most effective. This is exercises, like squats, deadlifts and push ups.

Alternating your exercises between upper and lower body in a circuit formation is key to seeing results in an extra calorie burn. This is because your cardiovascular system has to work harder to burn that fat which will help with the weight loss!. Interval training, challenges the heart to keep pushing blood from one part of the body to another, in order to deliver oxygen to fuel the muscles. A routine like this also allows you to move straight from one exercise to the next, as muscle groups get a chance to rest, so you can get your workout done quicker and start to see result over time!

Please get in touch today if you want to inquire about weight loss or be social and follow me on social media..