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Looking to improve you muscle defination and lower your body fat! Meet Samuel, a qulaified London PT!

Muscle Definition

You love lifting right? But you want muscle definition? You love the plain challenge and the simple rewards of every time you finish in the gym, feeling that burning feeling or pump! Are you trying to beat your previous best? Maybe you hate cardio or classes? Devoting gym time to cardio exercise feels as if you're burning away hard-earned muscle you been trying to pack on .... sound about right? You not burning it, but you need better muscle definition.

If gaining mass is all you focus on, soon no one will be able to distinguish your traps from your deltoids or see the separation in your triceps. But a lean and chiseled physique with low body fat..... can be achieved without doing long cardio sessions! Don't worry getting definition is about getting a good balance!

But let me be honest, aerobic exercise is good for a healthy heart. And a healthy heart is more efficient at transporting blood and oxygen to the muscles. The stronger your heart, the better its contractions. Meaning, more oxygenated blood is pumped out with each beat.

Samuel can help lifters and muscle gainers, build healthy hearts. You don't need too much cardio work, and most of what you do need should be at high intensity (HIIT) and short burst of cardio workouts.

At SF Personal Trainer, we will show you his knowledge of all things related to improving your body composition. With clients spread across London. From toning and cardio in a London park to mat-based body conditioning in your home, Samuel makes it possible to train, no matter what the week throws at you and help you gain that muscle definition.

Samuel also offers a range of other services outside of personal training, like boxing coaching, diet plans, competition preparation, training programmes for muscle mass and online training. He can meet you for a consultation face to face in the London area or over a Skype session to understand your goals and aspirations to helping you achieve muscle definition!

Please read his testimonials to see for yourself and get in touch today if you want to inquire about personal training.